The Emerging Market Grid.

OS with a Robust Data Security and Connectivity.

SgOS™ focuses on leveraging the culture and way of life of people in emerging markets to give an immersive digital experience via mobile & iot devices;wearables, smart wrist watches, smart meters, smart TVs, agricultural equipments, amongst others.

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User Data Privacy

The core of our operating system is built, taking into cosideration its ability to provide the most robust user data security ever experienced on mobile.

Low Mobile Internet Usage

We fully understand the internet issues faced with emerging markets which is why SGOS and its services are built ensuring very low or zone data consumption.

Power Optimization

Emerging markets still struggle with power stability which is why SGOS is positioned to ensure an immersive digital experience at a very conservative power usage.

Grid Data Manager

Do more with your mobile data.

Grid Data Manager was first deployed on Google Play store in 2016; birthed out of the outrageous & avoidable mobile data consumption of applications from the background. It gives users absolute control over the applictions that access their mobile data. User can easily activate or decativate applications from accessing their mobile and also set data limit for each app. From statistics, Grid Data Manager save user 27.6% of their data which means they can do more with their mobile data. SgOS version to be deployed very soon.

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Grid Data Manager(Mobile-Data) is the first Service SafeGrid OS to be developed and deployed.

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